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Psst! This one's already gone.

Circus Symphony of Vampires

Emilia Hoving, conductor and music planner
Pauliina Räsänen, writer and director
Art Teatro: Pauliina Räsänen, Slava Volkov and working group
Timo Ollila, visual design
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Enter the fascinating world of acrobatics, mystical magic, illusions and thrilling vampires! Circus Symphony of Vampires is a dangerously seductive production inspired by the tale of Count Dracula. Rather than a horror story, this is a tale of breezy humour, exciting circus skills and classical hits.

Recommended age + 7 

Safety instructions during coronavirus pandemic.

Turku Concert Hall
12.11. 19:00

The length of the concert is about 1 h 45 min. Intermission. 

€27.50 € | €22.50 € | €10.50 €