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Leif Segerstam, conductor
Anu Komsi, Salome
Christian Juslin, Herodes
Tuija Knihtilä, Herodias
Tommi Hakala, Jochanaan
Sam Furness, Captain of the Guard, Narraboth
Jeni Packalen, The page of Herodias
Aki Alamikkotervo, Jew I
Petri Bäckström, Jew II
Joel Forsström, Jew III
Simo Mäkinen, Jew IV, Slave
Kristian Lindroos, Jew V, Soldier I
Rolf Broman, Nazarene I
Janne Sundqvist, Nazarene II, Soldier II, Cappadocian
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Strauss: Salome (concert version)

Passion, erotic, drama and death! Salome, opera in one act by Richard Strauss, awakes emotions with its bold theme and tone.

Salome is the daughter of Herodias and stepdaughter of Herodes and Herodes desires her. One of the most renowned scenes in the opera is the dance of the seven veils, where Salome dances for Herodes. In return Salome wishes for the head of Jochanaan, a man she both hates and loves. The opera culminates in a scene, where Herodes has executed Jochanaan, and Salome confesses her love to severed head.

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra performs a concert version of the opera. We will see Anu Komsi, one of Finland’s most international coloratura soprano, for the first time in the role of Salome. Komsi has gained reputation in opera houses around the world and in significant concert stages. The piece is an impressive conclusion to maestro Leif Segerstam´s successful period as chief conductor.

Anu Komsi tells about the piece: “Richard Strauss´ opera Salome is a timeless depiction of how extreme selfishness leads to extreme acts and where love to another human and empathy between people are absent when greed for power and religion get people confused. Strauss´ music enchants in this extreme story both the performers and the audience!”

No intermission. The length of the concert is approx. 1 h 45 min.

Performed in German. Subtitles in Finnish and Swedish.


Tue 14.5. | 17–18 |  Turku City Library, tieto-osasto 2nd floor.

Category I: 62 | 55 | 31 €
Category II: 31 | 26 | 16 €

Turku Concert Hall
16.05.2019 19:00
62.00 € | 55.00 € | 31.00 €