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Time travel in Paris

Jean-Marie Leclair: Sonata for Two Violins in C major op. 3/3
Igor Stravinsky: Concertino for String Quartet
Maurice Ravel: String Quartet in F major

Marjaana Holva, violin, programme planner
Susanna Suorttanen, violin
Mari Viluksela, viola
Larimatti Punelpuro, cello

A lot of water flowed in the River Seine from when Leclair put pen to paper to when Stravinsky and Ravel published their works. These three French works in very different styles trace an invigorating arc across the ages. Jean-Marie Leclair was a Baroque composer, whose Sonata is full of the pomp and circumstance of his day. Stravinsky’s Concertino was written in 1920, at about the time when the composer emigrated to Paris. Ravel’s Debussy-influenced String Quartet was premiered in Paris in 1904.


Turku Castle
9.10. 15:00

The length of the concert is about 1 h. No intermission.

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