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Ticket inquiries, bookings & group tickets

Turku Concert Hall Sales Service (via telephone)

Closed 19.6.–31.7.2023.
Telephone: Mon to Tue and Thu to Fri 09.00–15.00, Wed 09.00–12.00
Tel. (02) 262 0333

Points of sale

Turku Concert Hall Ticket Sales

Closed 5.6.-31.7.2023.
Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9
Tue to Fri 12.00–17.00 and before events at the Concert Hall.

We accept Smartum culture tickets at the Box Office.


Lippupiste adds a service fee per ticket, depending on the type of delivery.

Sales at the door

On concert nights, tickets may be bought at the door from one hour before the concert. Single tickets and redeeming of bookings.

Gift vouchers

Make a gift of a musical experience with the Turku Philharmonic! Gift vouchers may be exchanged for Turku Philharmonic concert tickets and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Price groups

Ticket prices are listed in the following order: normal | pensioners | concessions. (For example 27,50 | 22,10 | 10,50 €.) Concessions apply to students, children under 18, conscripts, non-military servicemen and unemployed persons. Pensioners and persons eligible for a concession must be prepared to present proof of eligibility at the concert venue.


Student tickets bought in advance are sold at the latter of the quoted prices. Student tickets to concerts may be bought on the day of the concert at EUR 4,50 each, subject to availability and by immediate purchase only (no reservations). Does not apply to chamber music concerts or children´s concerts. This concession is personal and will be granted on presentation of a valid student card.


Please note that there is only a limited number of places available for mobility-impaired concertgoers. Both the mobility-impaired and the assistant with an assistant card may purchase tickets to events of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra with a discount of 50 % from the normal price.

Groups and inquiries

A group discount of 10% will be granted to groups of 10 or more. Groups may also book guided tours, VIP events and various catering packages. For further information, please contact the Turku Concert Hall Sales Service.


Turku Philharmonic Orchestra´s concert tickets works also as a bus ticket, 3 hours before and 2 hours after the concert. Shor your ticket to the ticket reader in the bus - no extra ticket is needed. You can travel four trips all together with the ticket - this means that you can change the bus one time both when arriving and when leaving.