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Concerts for children and young

Autumn 2022

John Williams 90: Masterpieces of the Silver Screen
Thu 29.9. | 19.00 | Fri 30.9. | 19.00 Concert Hall

Kaapo Ijas, conductor
Jukka Nykänen, host
Timo Ollila, visual designer
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Film composer John Williams celebrated his 90th birthday in February 2022. With five Oscars and a stunning 52 Oscar nominations, he is an iconic figure who has written numerous scores for adventure films that have become classics in their genre. This programme features some of Williams’s greatest hits, such as the plaintive violin melody from Schindler’s List, the upbeat main title from E.T., wizarding music from Harry Potter and, of course, from a galaxy far, far away, the music of Star Wars.

The length of the concert is about 2 h. Intermission
Tickets 27.50 € | 22.50 € | 10.50 €

Vivaldi for Children: Four Seasons
Sat 15.10. | 14.00 | Turku Castle

Siina Hirvonen, narrator
Ilana Gothóni, violin solo
Jonni Hämäläinen, violin
Christina Huurre, violin
Ramona Wolin-Takala, viola
Eija Huhtala-Krapu, cello
Aapo Kyyhkynen, double bass
Eveliina Kytömäki, cembalo

Antonio Vivaldi: Extracts from the concerto cycle I quattro stagioni [The Four Seasons]

What are the sounds of nature in the spring, in the summer, in the autumn and in the winter? Can you describe these sounds on musical instruments? In this musical salon for children, Antonio Vivaldi’s celebrated cycle of concerts known as The Four Seasons takes the listener through the entire year. Siina Hirvonen and members of the Turku Philharmonic guide listeners to the sounds of nature appearing in Vivaldi’s music: birdsong, thunder, wind and much more. Children and adults alike are welcome to enjoy this whirlwind tour of all four seasons in just one day.

The length of the concert is about 45 min. No intermission.
Tickets 22.50 € | 22.50 € | 10.50 €