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Mikko Heiniö´s 70th birthday concert closes TPO`s spring season

Mikko Heiniö’s 70th-birthday concert showcases his diversity as a composer. His third Symphony features a percussion group, piano, celesta and harp in soloist roles. The work opening the programme, Maestoso, is a reference to King Erik XIV of Sweden, who was deposed and imprisoned in Turku Castle. He insisted on being addressed as ‘Your Majesty’. The music is based on a fragment of music written by Erik XIV himself in captivity. Heiniö’s works frame Ravel’s jazz-influenced Piano Concerto, which is performed by brilliant pianist Martina Filjak.

Mikko Heiniö 70 in Turku Concert Hall Fri 18th May at 7 pm. Head Start at 6 pm. Online Concert 18.5. at 7 pm. Anja Bihlmaier, conductor, Martina Filjak, piano, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.. Heiniö – Ravel.  Tickets 23,50 / 18,50 / 9,50 €.