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Past lectures (in Finnish)

10.1.2017: "All people become brothers": Beethoven´s 9th symphony and music as a force for change
Susanna Välimäki, music researcher, docent

4.4.2017: Eternal or transcient city? St. Petersburg / Leningrad in Russian and Finnish literature
Pekka Pesonen, professor emeritus of Russian literature

5.4.2017: Marina Tsvetajevan elämä ja runous
Marja-Leena Mikkola, author

2.5.2017: Art, science, fauna and environment: How to listen to nature?
Juha Torvinen, music researcher, docent
Ilari Sääksjärvi: docent of zoology
Eeva Kemppi, performance artist, chairman for group Toisissa tiloissa

8.8.2017: Selig im Glauben! - Sacred and sanctification in Wagner´s Parsifal
Anne Kauppala, music researcher, professor

26.9.2017: Trauma, memory and art - spaces of encounter
Akhlad Al-Mudhafar, poet
Aziza Hossaini, director and scriptwriter
Päivi Kosonen, docent of comparative literature, bibliotherapist
Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, cultural historian, docent
Hanna Meretoja, professor of comparative literature
Laura Sillanpää, marionette artist, literary artist

30.10.2017: Reformation 500 years: What happened in Turku and in Finland then and now?
Jyri Komulainen, general secretary to the Bishop´s Conference
Kirsi Salonen, historian, assistant professor
Ruth Illman, docent of comparative religion, director of the Donner Institute