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Friend society

AphilA - Amici Philharmoniae Aboensis


Come join Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s friend society AphilA’s action! Members of AphilA is a manifold group, consisting of friends of music to musicians whom are united by love and interest towards classical music and its inspiring power.

Members of AphilA get to glance behind the scenes that opens perspectives towards classical music, which cannot be achieved by just attending concerts. AphilA offers its members musician meet-and-greets, piece presentations, soloist introductions and concert trips amongst others.

AphilA was founded in 2001 by friends of the orchestra, with the principal thought to increase the relationship between the orchestra and audience. The society wants to show its support to the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, recognizing its position in Turku’s cultural life and the work of individual musicians of the orchestra. AphilA gives out one scholarship annually to one musician of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra assisting for example acquiring an instrument, study trips or participating to a masterclass.

You can find more information at AphilA’s homepage.