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Philharmonic Junior Club

Sample a symphony, make a melody, meet musicians, get intimate with instruments and learn stuff in the Philharmonic Junior Club!

What does a conductor conduct? What is the leader’s job in an orchestra? Who gives an A and why? What happens when the conductor beats? What is a guiro or a harp, and why do timpani come in different sizes?

Find out at club nights with visiting musicians where club members can ask stuff. The Junior Club is for children aged 6 to 12. There are meetings about once a month during the concert season. Invitation to club meetings will be sent by email to those, who have given their contact information beforehand. The language for the Philharmonic Junior Club is Finnish.

Come on along, it costs nothing to join!

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Producer Heidi Pulkkinen

The children's activities of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra are sponsored by OP Turun Seutu, OP Financial Group member bank.